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Logging Practices 1996 - 2017

(above) Morwell River East Branch (Parish of Budgeree). Strzelecki Ranges 2006. Another pine plantation bites the dust.

Index of Years

New: 2021

1996 (APP)
Pre 1998 (VPC)

1996 Australian Paper Plantations - Pre Hancock sale

September 1996: Jeeralang Creek (northern Strzeleckis)

September 1996: More Jeeralang Creek

September 1996 Independent Panel Report into Plantations

Pre 1998 Victorian Plantations Corporation

Pre 1998: Strzelecki Ranges: (Morwell River Catchment & Albert River Catchment)


(above) Franklin River. Strzelecki Ranges 2001. Illegal non Hancock logging in one of Victoria's largest environmental prosecutions.

Early 2000: Strzelecki Ranges: (Morwell River Catchment & Albert River Catchment) + Mount Robertson (King Lake West)

April 2000: Toolangi (Mount Robertson)

Late 2000: Strzelecki Ranges: (Morwell River Catchment & Albert River Catchment)

October 2000: APP operations Jeeralangs

December 2000: Central South: Alexandra FD (Mohican Plantation), Healesville (Narbethong), Strzeleckis: Allambee Plantation, Mount Worth


(above) March 2001 Happy Valley Creek/Ovens River Catchment. Wangaratta's water supply.

January 2001: South West Victoria; Emerson, Lyons, Mount Richmond, Kangaroo Park, Smokey Valley, Kentbruck, Kentbruck, Kentbruck, Bahgallah, Rennick, Rennick, Rennick, Rennick, Mocamboro. Strzelecki Ranges; Darlimurla, Childers

February 2001: Ballarat Region; Castlemaine, Scarsdale, Shepherds Flat, Canadian, Yarrowee, Douglas, Avoca River, Red Hill, Creswick, Cobblers Gully, Glen Park, Basalt, Korweinguboora, Bells Reef, Railway. Otway Ranges: Aire Valley, Boonah, Boonah, Otways FD (Yaugher), Webster Hill, Webster Hill

February 2001 Strzeleckis: Crown Allotment 32, Parish of Budgeree (Whitelaws Track).

March 2001: South West Victoria; Porters/Slaters, Kentbruck, Benalla Region: Warrenbayne, Blue Range, Blue Range, Mansfield FD. Ovens plantations: Bright, Two Mile Creek, Water Reserve, Morses Creek, Racecourse & Hill, Freeburgh. Beechworth, Beechworth, Beechworth. Ovens, Running Creek, Long Corner Creek, Rose Valley, Chiltern Water Reservoir, Shelley, Shelley, Shelley, Shelley, Shelley

April 2001: Mansfield Region; Delatite, Delatite, Delatite. Central South; Alexandra FD. Central Highlands; Loch Valley, Neerim East, Central Gippsland: Moondarra

April/May 2001: Strzelecki Region; Jeeralangs & more Jeeralangs

June 2001: Benalla Region: Warrenbayne

July 2001: Otway Ranges Aire Valley, Central South Marysville FD (Narbethong), Strzeleckis: Jeeralang, Livingston, Albert

September 2001a: Strzelecki Ranges: (Morwell River Catchment & Merrimans Creek Rainforest), Albert

September 2001b: Otway Ranges, Strathbogie Ranges, Buxton Region.

Sept-Nov 2001: Strzelecki Ranges: (Morwell River, Traralgon Creek, Merrimans Creek, Franklin River, Morrison Creek), Boolara South, Turtons, Woorara, Woorara, Albert, Jack, Macks, Callignee, Callignee, Callignee, Jeeralangs

December 2001: Jeeralang, Woorara, Albert, Jeeralang Plantation


(above) Otway Ranges June 2002 - Lardners Creek Catchment. Water Supply for Gellibrand.

January 2002: Darlimurla and private land sell off, Strzelecki Ranges (Albert River, Turtons Creek, Frankin River, Merrimans Creek.

May 2002a: Central Gippsland: Forest blocks sell off, Glenaladale, Delpretes, Marathon Road

May 2002b: Strzelecki Ranges (Bennetts Crk, Billy Crk, Middle Crk, Traralgon Crk, Albert River), Mount Robertson Plantation (King Parrot Creek), Otway Ranges (Webster Hill).

June 2002: Webster Hill, Central Highlands; Loch Valley

July 2002: Central Gippsland Forest blocks sell off. Strzelecki Ranges (Albert River, Jeeralangs). Central Highlands (Loch Valley), Otways (Webster Hill). Central Highlands; Loch Valley

August 2002: APP/Hancock Mortgage details. Strzelecki Ranges (Jeeralangs, Mutual Track, Albert River), Central Highlands (Loch Valley).

September 2002: Ballarat Region: Cobblers Gully, Korweinguboora

October 2002: Strzelecki Ranges (Jeeralang West Rd - Koala habitat logged, Morwell River, Traralgon Creek, Jeeralang Creek, Billy's Creek). Ballarat Region (Creswick Crk, Anderson Gully, Korweinguboora, Scarsdale).

December 2002: Ballarat Region: Railway


(above) Strzelecki Ranges 2004. Merrimans Creek. Domestic water supply for Seaspray.

January 2003: Ballarat Region; Glen Park, Mt.Alexandra

February 2003: Beechworth (Magpie Block), Beechworth, Beechworth, Long Corner Creek, Hurdle Creek

March 2003: North East Victoria (Yackandandah Crk, Beechworth). Central Gippsland Red Gums Poisoned. Strzelecki Ranges (Morwell River East Branch rainforest, Stony Creek, Traralgon Creek). Beaufort (Lunatic Gully).

March 2003a: Strzelecki Ranges: (Morwell River, Morwell River East Branch Rainforest, Middle Creek, Agnes River, Jack River). North East Victoria; (Mayday Creek).

April 2003: North East Victoria (Ovens River, Havilah, Myrtleford, Wandiligong, Merriang Plantations ). Strathbogie Ranges: Warrenbayne. Ovens Plantations: Ovens, Running Creek, Hurdle Creek, Hurdle Creek

April 2003: Strathbogie Ranges: (Parkes Creek/White Gum Gully, Stanley Creek, Warrenbayne Creek, Broken River, Stony Creek). Warrenbayne, Blue Range. Ovens Plantations: Bright, Merriang

May 2003: Alexandra FD (Mohican Plantation). Central South: Alexandra FD. (Glendale Plantation), Toolangi (Mount Robertson), Healesville (Narbethong).

June 2003: Strzelecki Ranges (Crayfish, Earthworm, Hidden Valley Jeeralang Creek East Branch Rainforest, Bennetts Creek, Merrimans Creek, Morwell River, Macks Creek Warm Temperate Rainforest, Macks, Central Highlands (Acheron River).

July 2003: Ballarat Region (Korweinguboora, Red Hill), South West Victoria (Merino WSC), Strzelecki Ranges (Morwell River East Branch, College Creek, Tarra River, Traralgon Creek, Jeeralang Creek).

August 2003: Central Gippsland APEL Mining Exploration (Flynn Plantations, Tyers River, Rintouls Creek, Anderson Crk). Strzelecki Ranges (Allambee East, Traralgon Creek, Moe Plantations, Darlimurla)

September 2003: Save the Strzeleckis Rally, Maryvale Mill, Strzelecki Ranges (South Middle Creek, Morwell River). Central Gippsland (Holey Plains, Willung, Coolungoolun, Glencoe South, Wulla Wullock, Stradbroke, Tong Bong, Rosedale). Giffard, Mullungdung.

October 2003: Strzelecki Ranges; (Mt Joy/Merrimans Creek, Carrajung, ), Loch Valley, Central Gippsland (Wulla Wullock, Perry River Catchment, Iguana Creek/Mitchell River Catchment, native veg Bow-Wurrung, Briagalong, Avon River) Callignee. Central Highlands; Loch Valley

December 2003: Strzelecki Ranges; (Albert River, Merrimans Creek, Morrison Creek, Traralgon Creek, Morwell River, Flynns Creek). Central Highlands; (King Parrot Creek).


(above) Strzelecki Ranges Traralgon Creek Catchment

January 2004: Strzelecki Ranges; (TIRES Road funding, Budgeree Road, Carrajung, Merrimans Creek, Morrisons Creek).

February 2004: Hancock Receives FSC certification, Boycott dropped. Ballarat Region; (Stewarts Creek). Strzelecki Ranges; (Morwell River, Middle Creek, Albert River, Merrimans Creek, Traralgon Creek, Turtons Creek Rainforest, Carrajung Lower). South West Victoria; Mocamboro.

March 2004: Central Gippsland; (Jacobs Creek/Tyers River, Moondarra Reservoir). Strzelecki Ranges; (Traralgon Creek, Billys Creek, Middle Creek, Little Traralgon Creek).

April 2004: Strzelecki Ranges; (Traralgon Creek, Deadlock Creek/Tarwin River, Stony Creek, Illegal loggers, LEGL/93-123 Plantation: Jeeralang Plantation ). Ballarat Region; Douglas, Avoca River, Glen Park, Korweinguboora.

May 2004: Strzelecki Ranges; (College Creek, Middle Creek, Morwell River, South Middle Creek). Ballarat Region; (Yarowee River, Korweinguboora Reservoir, Beaufort region, Fiery Creek). Stewarts Creek.

South West Victoria: Emerson, Mount Richmond, Smokey Valley, Kentbruck. Central South: Toolangi (Mount Robertson)

June 2004: Ballarat Region; (Stewarts Creek). Strzelecki Ranges (Morwell River East Branch Rainforest & logging, Rytons Junction, Snakeback Track(Morwell River), Waak Track (Albert River), Deadlock Creek, Elizabeth Creek). South West Victoria (Kentbruck Plantation).

July 2004: Strzelecki Ranges (Reserve support from local shire, Middle Creek, Blucher Creek, Traralgon Creek, Jeeralang Creek, Merrimans Creek, Morrison Creek).

August 2004: Boycott reimposed, Proposals to log Jack River, Morwell River, College Creek, Strzelecki Ranges (Turtons Creek, Rytons Junction, May shots Traralgon Creek, Jeeralang Creek). Turtons

September 2004: Hancock targeted in Boston by R.A.N. Logging of cores areas. Strzelecki Ranges (College Creek, Morwell River East Branch rainforest, Jeeralang Creek East Branch, Tarra River rainforest, Traralgon Creek, Middle Creek, Albert River, Morwell River). Senate recommends brake on new plantations.

October 2004: MOU signed between HVP, Trust for Nature and Nature Conservancy. Strzelecki Ranges (Stony Creek/Traralgon Creek, Jeeralang Creek East Branch). Churchill plantation.

November 2004: Otway Ranges (Gellibrand River, Lardners Creek East Branch, Webster Hill, Barramunga Creek, Aire River, Pulpit Creek, Congram Creek, Otway Ranges: Aire Valley, Webster Hill). Ballarat Region: Korweinguboora

December 2004: Logging of Core Rainforest Areas; Strzelecki Ranges (College Creek, Middle Creek, Morwell River (Jacksons 1 and Gunyah Shortcut Rd), Morwell River East Branch Rainforest, Merrimans Creek, Tarra River). Ballarat Region (Korweinguboora Reservoir, Otway Ranges (Midway)


(above) Strzelecki Ranges - College Creek/Morwell River East Branch

January 2005: Strzelecki Ranges: (Tarra River native veg removal, Morwell River East Branch Rainforest, Middle Creek, Albert River, Jack River). Nooramunga Marine Reserve

February 2005: South West Victoria (Gariwerd, Billywing Plantation). Strzelecki Ranges (proposed Morwell River native veg removal, Morwell River East Branch, Middle Creek), Callignee. Otway Ranges (Aire Valley plantations, Congram Creek). Central Highlands (King Parrot Creek). Benalla Region; Blue Range, Blue Range. Central South: Healesville (Narbethong).

March 2005 (a): Strzelecki Ranges (Morwell River East Branch, Merrimans Creek landslips, Morwell River, Middle Creek, Billys Creek, Jeeralang Creek West and East Branches, Smiths Creek, Traralgon Creek, ). Central Highlands (Narbethong rainforest, Mount Robertson plantations (King Lake)). North East Victoria (Mansfield plantations; Ryans Creek, Spring Creek). Benalla Region; Blue Range. Otway Ranges (Midway)

March 2005 (b): Strzelecki Ranges (Merrimans Creek landslips, Albert River, Morwell River East Branch, + rainforest, Morwell River).

April 2005: Illegal loggers in court, Calls for bans on Aerial Spraying. Strzelecki Ranges (logging within cores and links Morwell River, Albert River (Ryton Junction), Albert River, Jack River, Dingo Creek, Little Albert River Catchment, Bruthen Creek). Central Gippsland (Willung, Basslink Merrimans Creek, Basslink Stradbroke, Basslink Monkey Creek, Coolungoolun (Merrimans Creek).

May 2005: Otway Ranges (Midway)

June 2005: Strzelecki Ranges: Accused Ran Illegal fern Trade Court Told (logging within cores reserve, College Creek, Morwell River East Branch, Morwell River East Branch Rainforest). Ballarat Region (Korweinguboora, Stewarts Creek). Otway Ranges (Midway)

August 2005: Strzelecki Ranges (Logging cores reserve, Strzelecki Koala, College Creek, Morwell River East Branch, Bennett Creek, Morris Creek, Tarra River, Jeeralang Creek, Middle Creek, Traralgon Creek). Otway Ranges (Midway)

October 2005: Strzelecki Ranges (Greens Tour, Strzelecki Koala, Morwell River East Branch + rainforest, Smiths Creek, Albert River, Franklin River).

November 2005: Midways Wandong.

December 2005: Native Vegetation Retention Provisions. Strzelecki Ranges (Morwell River Gunyah Gunyah Reserve, Strzelecki Koala, Macks Creek (Warm temperate rainforest), Yarram-Blackwarry Road, Middle Creek, Blucher Creek, Morwell River East Branch, Smiths Creek). Ballarat (Yarrowee catchment. Ballarat Goldfields & EPFL leases Canadian, Korweinguboora Reservoir).


(above) Central Gippsland. South Gippsland Water Moondarra Plantations

January 2006: Strzelecki Ranges; (Legal Case (Jacksons 1, Morwell River)). Otway Ranges (Gellibrand River catchment). Central Gippsland (Fires Hit Moondarra). Otways Midway

February 2006: Midways Macquarie Beaufort

March 2006: Infamous ad, Central Gippsland (Moe plantations, Anderson creek fires, Moondarra fires, Moondarra, Mitchell River). Strzelecki Ranges; (Albert River, Turtons Creek, Macks Creek, Morwell River, Tarra River). Ballarat region; (Scarsdale plantation).

April 2006: North East Victoria (Nine Mile Creek/Hurdle Creek, Morses Creek (Bright), Ovens River, Buckland River, Magpie Creek. Morses Creek). Otway Ranges (Gellibrand Water Supply), Otway Ranges (Midway), Otway Ranges Midway April06 , Midways Macquarie Beaufort

May 2006: Strzelecki Ranges (College Creek threatened, Smiths Creek, Morwell River East Branch, Middle Creek). North East Victoria (Morses Creek).

July 2006: Cores and Links Meeting Churchill (150 people), Strzelecki Ranges (Morwell River East Branch, College Creek). Rainforest BMP's fail experts.

August 2006: Otway Ranges Midway

September 2006: Strzelecki Ranges (Smiths Creek rainforest, Morwell River East Branch, Albert River, Franklin River, Agnes River). South West Victoria (Merino plantation). Poison in Water Supply (Barwon Water).

October 2006: Strzeleckis Cores and Links Reserve Announced (13/10/06), Strzelecki Ranges (4 Corners set up Friends of Gippsland Bush in their 'Spies in the Forest' expose, Morwell River, Turtons Creek, Little Franklin River). King Parrot Creek - Mount Roberston plantations. Korweinguboora Reservoir. Boycott Removed from company.

November 2006: Ballarat Region Scarsdale 1100ha Salvage Operation. Strzelecki Ranges, logging starts in Morwell River linkage (Snakesback Track), Macks Creek warm temperate rainforest issues, Smiths Creek cool temperate rainforest issues, Middle Creek). Central Highlands Region: Connelly Creek and Mill Creek.

December 2006: Hancock already breaching Strzelecki Heads of Agreement, Strzelecki Ranges Gray Gum Track Morwell River, Morwell River East Branch, Smiths Creek. Boycott reinstated.

(above) Stanley Range Yackandandah's water supply after pine has been logged.


January 2007: Strzelecki Ranges - Hancock deliberately leaving no rainforest buffers in Morwell River in Cores and Links Reserve, Gray Gum Track, Smiths Creek rainforest. Midways operations Otway Ranges Gellibrand River

February 2007: Strzelecki Ranges - Rainforest buffers as low as zero on Morwell River coupes in Cores and Links Reserve, Callignee Estate Road, Flynns Creek. Otways Webster Hill Plantation.

April 2007: Strzelecki Ranges - No buffers granted on Macks Creek Warm Temperate Rainforest. Clearing of 250 hectares of failed bluegum plantations at Briagolong. Poor management by Hancock in cores and links reserve, Smiths Creek, Mirboo Plantations (Elizabeth Crk, Watkins Crk) logging 60 year old eucs, Franklin River, Woomera Creek, Little Albert river pine logging.

June 2007: Craig Court - Strzelecki Ranges - Leaving no buffers on Strzelecki cool temperate rainforest reserve, despite promising 100 metres on Morwell River West Branch under Strzelecki Cores and Links MoU signed by Deputy Premier October 2006. Strathbogie Ranges Baddaginnie Creek, White Gum Gully. May 17 2007: Tree Thieves Sent To Jail

August 2007: Craig Court - Strzelecki Ranges Tree fall into rainforest. Grand Ridge Road access tracks. Sloppy roading on Grand Ridge Road. Kjeergaard Road, Traralgon Creek landslip and clearfells. Salvage logging Central Gippsland (Toongabbie North & Ostlers Creek). Ballarat region (Korweinguboora Plantation).

September 2007: Strzelecki Ranges Craig Court and West Branch Road coupes - breaches to HoA. Otway Ranges Stevensons Falls. Strzelecki Ranges - Flynns Creek. South Gippsland Giffard Plantation. East Gippsland Perry River.

October 2007: Strzelecki Ranges - Traralgon Creek erosion, Jack River warm temperate rainforest, Smiths Creek logging, Middle Creek warm temperate rainforest. Otway Ranges Stevensons Falls Code of Forest Practice Breaches.

November 2007: Strzelecki Ranges - Jeeralang Creek, Morwell River West Branch, Turtons Creek, Franklin River. Mt Square Top Franklin River catchment.

December 2007: Strzelecki Ranges - Traralgon Creek sediment problems. Middle Creek/Smiths Creek culvert problems.

(above) The result of heavy rain after logging in Traralgon Creek Catchment, Strzelecki Ranges.


January 2008: Strzelecki Ranges - More breaches to Strzelecki Heads of Agreement at Grey Gum Track (Ryton Link- Morwell River Catchment), logging planned for Asplinslip area (Turtons Creek), Zig Zag Track (Turtons Creek).

February 2008: Strzelecki Ranges - Wipe out at Craig Court. Conversion of old growth at Childers. More images of Traralgon Creek erosion hotspot.

March 2008: Strzelecki Ranges - Forest Fiasco (front page Latrobe Valley Express)

May 2008: Strzelecki Ranges - Cores and Links logging at Jack River (Kellys Track, Dubois Track), Smiths Creek rainforest continues to be gutted, Albert River pines, Albert River failing Shining Gum Plantations. Cores and Links Rainforest Reserve Announced.

June 2008: Strzelecki Ranges - Cores and Links Announcement Sham. College Creek under threat, Jack River Cores and Links logging, Asplenslip Road Turtons Creek Catchment logging, Franklin River logging. Wilderness Society and Victorian National Parks Association sell out Victorian Rainforest. Haunted Hills Bluegum plantations.

August 2008: Strzelecki Cores and Links sham agreement signed. Flynns Creek, Middle Creek.

October 2008: Strzelecki Cores and Links Reserve logging at Jack River. Antonio Creek, Smiths Creek, Morwell River East Branch and logging of 27 year old ash, Craig Court and failed regen, logging of native forest and spread of Arum Lily.

November 2008: Strzelecki Ranges - College Creek logging preperation, Jack River logging and breaches to Code, Macks Creek issues, Flynns Creek issues.

December 2008: Strzelecki Ranges - College Creek getting ready to be logged, code breaches Jack River, logging in cores and links reserve Jeffrey Creek catchment, logging in close proximity to rainforest Morwell River Catchment, Middle Creek Pine.

(above) Hancock lose 25% of their hardwood plantations February 2009


January 2009: Strzelecki Ranges - Jeffrey Creek logged despite being supposedly protected in 2006 HoA deal, Jack River pine coupe and breaches to the code of practice, Morwell River, Gray Gum Track, Jacksons and Craig Court regeneration, Morwell River East Branch. Albert River failed regen.

February 2009: Strzelecki Ranges. Hancock loses 2700ha of plantations in fires near Mirboo North and Boolara Jan 31/Feb 1 and then loses 15,000ha in fires of Feb 7/8 in Gippsland, Central Victoria and North east Victoria. Hancock starts logging in College Creek site of National Conservation Significance, fire images Jeeralang Creek East and West Branches, Antonio Creek, Creamery Road fires.

March 2009: Strzelecki Ranges. Hancock in Jack River and College Creek. Strzelecki Koala Bushfire Survivors. Images of Maryvale Pulp Mill full of logs.

April 2009: Strzelecki Ranges. College Creek falls, Merrimans Creek, Flynns Creek fires, McCormack Demby Timber Pty Ltd.

June 2009: Strzelecki Ranges. College Creek logging & Jack River inside Cores and Links Rainforest Reserve. Great Southern Plantations.

July 2009: Strzelecki Ranges. College Creek logging, minimal rainforest buffers. Recent logging inside cores and links reserve at Asplenslip Track. Monitoring of Morwell River regeneration at Craig Court, Annes Track, Trease Track, Morwell West Track, Grey Gum Track.

August 2009: Otway Ranges. Roading erosion issues at Stevensons Falls and near Webster Hill. Hancock supposed to fix road November 2009.

September 2009: Strzelecki Ranges. College Creek free for all continues. Logging at Jack River (O'Callaghans Track), herbicide treated fertilsers used at College Creek, rye grass dropped over hundreds of hecatres of northern Strzeleckis.

October 2009: Strzelecki Ranges. College Creek logging and Eucmix G (Terbacil) controversy including ABC transcript. Jack River, Dubois Track and Kelly Track regeneration and herbicide use. Antonio Creek, Traralgon Creek, Flynns Creek.

November 2009: Strzelecki Ranges. College Creek, new tracks bulldozed, Linkletters Track Logging. Jeffrey Creek clearfells, Gray Gum Track, Callaghans Track.

(above) College Creek catchment - logging and burning of site of National Conservation Significance


January 2010: Strzelecki Ranges. Grey Gum Track converted to Shining Gum Plantations, Morwell River (Craig Court, West Branch Road, Annes Track), College Creek, Linkletters Track College Creek. Mansfield Plantations Ryans Creek/Holland Creek.

February 2010: Strzelecki Ranges. College Creek and the destruction of habitat stags, Morwell River conversion and portion of rainforest reserve converted to Shining Gum. Turtons Creek pines.

April 2010: Strzelecki Ranges: Taylors Road, Traralgon Creek Catchment, Middle Creek pine logging, Smiths Creek pines, College Creek debacle continuing, Jack River, Merrimans Creek (McBains Road), Elizabeth Creek pine logging.

June 2010: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek Clearfells, Traralgon Creek/Jeeralang Plantations. Middle Creek pine clearing. Middle Creek Roading Problems, Kellys Track (Jack River) poisoning and lopping of regeneration, Little Albert River, Central Road.

July 2010: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek old growth being cut, burns in road reserve, Linkletters Road, Macks Creek Rainforest and Howittii regeneration.

August 2010: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek deicmated. Wet weather work. Koala spotted. Albert River Road poor E.nitens growth in decade old plantations. Dubois Track regen.

November 2010: Strzelecki Ranges. College Creek, Jack River, Haunted Hills bluegums.

(above) Logging access track, after culverts were removed. College Creek National site of Conservation Significance.


January 2011: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek, Jack River, Franklin River, Turtons Creek, Morwell River, knocking out Koala trees at Contorta, spraying silver wattle at Grey Gum Track.

February 2011: Strzelecki Ranges: Jack River coupes, Linkletters Rd College Creek, Koala hotspot Jeeralang West Road, Taylors Road, Road 31 Traralgon Creek catchment, Bennetts Creek.

April 2011: Strzelecki Range: Agnes River Clearfelling Commences. College Creek.

May 2011: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek, Merrimans Creek, Traralgon Creek.

September 2011: Strzelecki Ranges: Stony Creek, Biralee Creek, Jack River, College Creek

October 2011: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek Collapsing Roads.

December 2011: Strzelecki Ranges: Jungadale Nature Reserve, Duff Track, Waterhole Creek, Jeeralangs, Merrimans Creek landslip, Merrimans Creek poor logging, Greigs Creek, Macks Creek, 1080


(above) Burnt Stags College Creek

March 2012: Strzelecki Ranges: Middle Creek Pine Logging/Warm Temperate Rainforest, College Creek Roading and Spraying, Morwell River Craig Court regeneration, Linkletters Road Spraying, Morwell River catchment, Macks Creek pine logging, Turtons Creek hardwood logging.

April 2012: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek burnoffs, Albert River Rainforest buffers, Jack River logging Pines Road, Morris Creek pines, Dingo Creek Road.

May 2012: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek Burnt Stags, Christies (Albert River Catchment), Burnt Stags Graingers(College Creek Catchment), poor roading Ward Road (Albert River Catchment), Jack River (Pine Road), collapsing road (College Creek), FSC audit May 23, Traralgon Creek, Thornhill Creek pine.

July 2012: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek spraying of Hop Goodenia, College Creek view from south, Agnes River logging (Agnes Track No. 1), Dingo Creek, Morwell River, dieing Nitens Morwell River East Branch, failed nitens Albert River, Misery Creek, Little Albert River Quolls.

August 2012: Hancock Victorian Plantations Pty Ltd Pledge $305,000 After Grasslands Cleared (Mannibadar, Central Western Victoria)

October 2012: Strzelecki Ranges: First koala siting at College Creek for two years. Macks Creek, Middle Creek, Mt Mabel, Yard Track. Ballarat Region: Canadian Plantation, Campaspe Seed Orchard Plantation.

November 2012: Strzelecki Ranges: Old growth and koala scats at Paling Track Bruthen Creek catchment, Jungadale, Middle Creek Manna Gums, Tong Bong Clearfells, Hampton Creek clearfells, Wonwron State Forest.

December 2012: Strzeleckis Ranges: Old Growth/Rainforest Bruthen Creek/Fergusons Road, Macks Creek native forests, Roberts Creek logging, Flynns Creek/Stinger Creek, Narracan South Koalas, Narracan South Quarry Ten Mile Creek, Stoney Creek, Yarrawee Plantation Ballarat, Bradvale Plantation, Wylies (Ballarat).


March 2013: Strzelecki Ranges: Middle Creek roading, logging, crayfish, koalas, Taylors Road Lightning Strike, Traralagon Creek Logging, Albert River logging, Jefferey Creek revegetation, regneration Merrimans Creek, koala images, Central Gippsland EL5334.

May 2013: Strzelecki Ranges: EPA pesticide residues in Middle Creek, Traralgon Creek, Agnes River, Mount Mable, Middle Creek, Fires at Taylors Road, Morwell River catchment.

July 2013: Strzelecki Ranges: Agnes River, Middle Creek, Billy's Creek, Vaggs Creek, Jack River, Summary of Hancock's operations 2012/3.

September 2013: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek reserve regen destroyed, South Middle Creek, Smiths Creek, Tarra River, Albert River, Jack River.

December 2013: Strzelecki Ranges: Willung Koala deaths, Jumbuk Road widening, Bowden Road, Sutton Road Koala, Paling Track, Smiths Creek, Jumbuk, Jeeralang Creek, College Creek, Agnes River, Dingo Creek


February 2014: Antonio Creek post bushfires

February 2014: Strzelecki Ranges: 2000ha of plantations lost in bushfires, approximate maps, Smiths Creek.

June 2014: Strzelecki Ranges: Vaggs Creek, Morwell River, Snakeback Track, Ruby Track, roading through Grand Ridge Road Scenic Reserve, Koala mortalities.

August 2014: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek Reserve regeneration being destroyed, Vaggs Creek pine logging in core koala habitat, Middle Creek pines koala scats, Jack River, Silver Creek, Ten Mile Creek. (FoE Publishes Koala Report July 2014).

September 2014: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek Reserve regeneration being destroyed, Craig Court regeneration, Christies Road Little Albert River, Morwell River East Branch, Vaggs Creek, Darlimurla.

December 2014: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek regeneration, Jack River regneration, Vaggs Creek pine logging, bluegums and koala, Little Albert River/Christies, Traralgon creek almost 6 years since the fires.


May 2015: Aerial Spraying Concerns at Bright (north eastern Victoria)

April 2015: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek Youtube, Vaggs Creek Youtube, Gray Gum Track (Morwell River), Morwell River, Agnes River, South Middle Creek, Middle Creek, Birds Gully weeds, Two Mile Creek Plantation and Freeburgh plantation (North East Victoria).

May 2015: North East Victoria: Bright Aerial Spraying Concerns Stacey Gully, Bakers Gully Road, Wandiligong, Myrtleford Carter Holt Harvey, Strzelecki Ranges Middle Creek Catchment native vegetation removal Summerfields Road, Healeys Road.

August 2015: Strzelecki Ranges: Vaggs Creek, Thornbill Creek (Allambee), Wilderness Creek (Haunted Hills).

October 2015: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek Regeneration, South Middle Creek Regeneration, Vaggs Creek, Post 2009 bushfire regeneration Flynns Creek, Wildings Gormandale Flora and Fauna Reserve, Thornbill Creek, Allambee plantations used as dump.

November 2015: Central Gippsland Stradbroke Plantations Middle Creek/Perry River, Strzelecki Ranges: Vaggs Creek/Middle Creek


March 2016: Strzelecki Ranges: Vaggs Creek/Middle Creek Tributary. Cutting of old growth and regenerating bluegums. Roading/erosion problems.

May 2016: Strzelecki Ranges: Latrobe Council Response to Friends of the Earth Complaint

October 2016: Strzelecki Ranges: Vaggs Creek landslips and roading erosion problems.

November 2016: Strzelecki Ranges: Little Albert River Cores and Links problems, Jeffrey Creek clearfells, Dingo Creek clearfells and Cores and Links logging, Wilderness Creek and conversion of bluegums to pine, College Creek regeneration, Vaggs Creek complaints to Latrobe Shire and more.

December 2016: Strzelecki Ranges: Little Albert River Holland Road erosion problems, Little Albert River Cores and Links logging, Dingo Creek Cores and Links Logging, Vaggs Creek Road remedial work. Cores and Links Meeting at Mirboo North (Dec 12)


April 2017: Strzelecki Ranges: Cores and Links Forest Tour April 2, College Creek, Albert River Shining Gum, Agnes River, Middle Creek plantations, koala sited at Craig Court, nine years after logging

June 2017: Strzelecki Ranges: Jack River Cores and Links Reserve, Albert River Shining Gum in Cores and Links Reserve, Dingo Creek pine logging. Central Gippsland: Perry River clearfelling. North East Victoria: Hexazinone detected in Nine Mile Creek (Yackandandah Water Supply)

July 2017: Strzelecki Ranges: Dingo Creek clearfelling, Franklin River clearfelling (Extraction Track), Suttons Road Fuel Reduction Burns, Laceys Block Fuel reduction burns, regen Hatchery Road, Macks Creek Warm Temperate Rainforest, Myrtle Wilt Toora Gunyah Road, Macdeon Plantations clearfells.

October 2017: Strzelecki Ranges: College Creek back in Public Hands, Remedial work of Vaggs Creek Road, Macdeon Plantations Gisborne Creek erosion etc


March 2018: Strzelecki Ranges. Clearfelling inside South Middle Creek, College Creek regeneration, Tarwin River/Fairbrothers Rd pine logging. Agnes River regeneration

May 2018: Strzelecki Ranges: 1600ha added to State's Reserve System, Turtons Creek, Franklin River, Agnes River, Dingo Creek, Devils Pinch Road, Dingo Creek clearfelling, Little Albert River clearfelling, Christies Albert River Road regen.

2019 - 2021

March 2021: Strzelecki Ranges and beyond observations from 2019-2021, Radburns Road old growth logged, Strzelecki Gums logged near Churchill, Dans Forest Plan, Yinnar South 2019 bushfires, Rosedale 2019 bushfires, Mount Fatigue Road, Picnic Flat Track, Middle Creek, Allambee