Hancock Watch

February 2001

Whitelaws Track (Purchased by Hancock from Australian Paper Plantations in August 2001)

Headwaters of Bellbrook Creek/Morwell River Catchment

ex Crown Allotment 32 Parish of Budgeree (leased to APP/Hancock)

Google Earth Image 2012, showing location of this plantation in relation to Strzelecki Ranges

Google Earth Image 2012, approximately 100ha of 9 year old E.nitens (Shining Gum). Will severe erosion occur again when this site is logged in a few years time? Most of the Strzeleckis contain highly erodable Cretaceous sediments. How many rotations of plantations will the Ranges be able to contend with?

February 2001: Recent clearfelling of APP pine plantations had opened up landslips, hundreds of metres high. How many tonnes of soil ended up washing into Bellbrook Creek at this time?

February 2001: Erosion Hotspot. How is such land use considered to be sustainable?

February 2001: Landslips and slumping of logging roads.

February 2001: Water leaching over collapsed road batters.