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Hancock's logging practices -
Update September 2000 Part 3

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Hemphill Way - May 2000.
Removal and destruction of native vegetation, destruction of filter strips.

Prime Koala Habitat removed.
Trees were felled around a Koala seeking
refuge in a large tree during a field trip
with Hancock personnel.

Removal and destruction of native vegetation: non-plantation tree measuring 155 cm (or 5 foot 1inch).
Hemphill Way - May 2000.

Yarram-Madayla Road Area. April 2000
Excessive access tracks cut into steep slopes. Unstable soils often feeding into gully heads and water courses. High incineration burns scorch adjacent native vegetation and habitat trees.

Yarram-Madayla Road Area. July 2000
Poor understanding of Strzelecki topography, soils and climate plus inadequate knowledge of road construction, location and maintenance causes collapse of roads and culverts. Hancock roads are causing the slumping of batters into table drains and ongoing problems associated with constant landslides.

Ablert River Road. August 2000
Excessive side cuttings on steep slopes; unstable soils
above water courses feeding into Albert River. Removal of filters and buffers.

Strzelecki Koala
Yarram-Madayla Road.
Top coupe access track
into head of gully.

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