Updates October 2002

Jeerlang West Road Strzelecki Ranges. October 2002. Locals outraged by removal of native vegetation - Koala Feed Trees. Koala corridor destroyed. Koalas are now not sited in this area. 8 Koalas have died in this area in the last 12 months.

September 2002- Strzelecki Ranges (Jeeralangs). Eucalypts globulus - Bluegum (4ssp.) Southern Blue Gum - subspecies globulus. Restricted on the mainland to South Gippsland and Otways. Road works resulted in logging of older trees. Prime koala habitat destroyed by Grand Ridge Plantations/Hancock. A recent change in management will hopefully result in the end of this type of practice.

Sepetember 2002. Strzelecki Ranges (Jeeralangs). Prime koala habitat destroyed without permit application by Grand Ridge Plantations/Hancock. Destruction of the rare Globulus globulus.

OOctober 2002. 93-41 Creswick plantations. Creek crossing over Anderson's Gully which feeds into Creswick Creek. Tullaroop Water Catchment. Drinking water for Maryborough, Carisbrook, Talbot, Adelaide Lead, Alma, Havelock, Majorca and Betley. Sediment enters waterways mainly via creek crossings and roads.

October 2002. 93-41 Petticoat Plantation. Tributary of Anderson's Gully in the headwaters of the Murray Darling Catchment (Loddon River). Logging machinery driven straight through creekline.

October 2002. 93-41 Petticoat Creek. Closeup of machinery entering tributary of Anderson's Gully in the Tullaroop Water Catchment. Note build up of sediment which will wash into gully after rain. Note also buildup of stagnant water.

October 2002. 93-41. Petticoat Plantation. Tullaroop Proclaimed Water Catchment. Machinery access into Anderson's Gully tributary.

September 2002. Morwell River East Branch/Strzelecki Ranges. Creek crossing with sediment washing into waterway. Note also Slender Tree Fern an FFG listed species.

9/9/02. Australia's first FSC Assessment team in the Strzelecki Ranges. Discussing roading/landslide issues in the Jeerlangs.

September 2002. Strzelecki Ranges. Traralgon Creek in the Latrobe River catchment. Recent pine logging with limited bufferzone in a pine plantation by Grand Ridge Plantations/Hancock. As part of the Friends of the Gippsland Bush/Australian Paper Agreement of 1997, 50 m buffers of native vegetation will be established along Traralgon Creek after pine logging. There were also problems with a creek crossing at this location, which can be seen eroding into the creek in this photo.

October 2002-Strzelecki Ranges. Tributary of Jeeralang Creek with cool temperate rainforest. A Myrtle Beech tree is in the centre of the gully. The person in the photo is holding a twig with Myrtle Beech leaves taken from the base of a tree in the gully. According to the 1997 8 Point Agreement 50m buffers along Jeeralang Creek will be replanted with indigenous species. This area should not have been logged at all. Cool Temperate Rainforest needs much greater buffer for its long term protection and survival.

October 2002. Jeeralang West Road. (Non-plantation) Blackwood and Austral Mulberry cut down along roadside easement which is Crown Land. Logged by Grand Ridge Plantations/Hancock.

October 2002 - Billy's Creek Catchment/Strzelecki Ranges. 20m buffer should be reinstated at this site as in accordance with Billy's Creek Water Supply Catchment, Plan no 1870. (Ideally the entire slope should be retired from timber production due to its steepness).

October 2002. Billy's Creek catchment/Strzelecki Ranges. 20m buffers should be reinstated in this plantation area.

October 2002. Jumbuk Road/ Strzelecki Ranges. Logging of roadside buffers/easements. Wildlife corridors destroyed at this site as well as the head of a gully feeding into Billy's Creek.

October 2002. 93-29 Scarsdale Plantation. Woady Yaloak catchment. What is the long term impact on water yield from pine plantations in this catchment?

October 2002. 93-41 Petticoat plantation. Headwaters of the Murray Darling catchment (Loddon River). Tullaroop Water catchment is currently at 30% of its capacity due to primarily to drought. Hancock logged 223ha of pine in this catchment in 2001/2. Much of the land within the Creswick State Forest has in the past been affected by gold mining activities. Stabilisation of the worst affected areas was achieved with softwood plantations. Will sediment from these mining sites be disturbed by current plantation logging. Tullaroop catchment supplies towns such as Maryborough with drinking water. What is the impact of logging on water quality and quantity in this catchment?

October 2002 - Korweinguboora Reservoir catchment. Recently logged by Hancock. Note lack of buffer zones for this wetland feeding into the Reservoir. This reservoir supplies Geelong and other towns with drinking water.

October 2002. Korweinguboora catchment. Geelong's water supply. How can Hancock guarantee that herbicides and fertilser residues will not enter Geelongs water supply? Note lack of buffers surrounding this drainage line.

October 2002. A tributary of Creswick Creek in the Tullaroop Water supply catchment. Note lack of creek buffer zones and ripping of soil into creek banks. Will herbicide residues enter water from this site? What impact will operations at this site have on quality of water for all species including people? Is this sustainable?

October 2002. Tributary of Creswick Creek in Tullaroop water supply catchment. Over 200 ha of pine plantations in this catchment were logged in 2001/2. What is the long term effect of fast rotation plantations on water quality and quantity? Pines cut out of creek itself and creek banks at this site.

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