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Update May 2002 Part B

Jeeralang1: May 2002: Note unprotected gully line without buffer zone inside plantation. Bennetts Creek catchment - Jeeralang North. It is not Hancock/Grand Ridge Plantation's current policy to reinstate buffer zones inside cleared plantations. Hancock Watch regard this as unsatisfactory.

Jeerlang2: May 2002: Sub-standard logging road into hardwood coupe in Billy Creek catchment. This logging road as shown in photo is a direct breach of the Code of Forest Practices. Culverts and Drains non-existent.

Jeeralang3: May 2002: Middle Creek catchment. Note obvious signs of reafforestation.

hancock02a: Feb 2002. Traralgon Creek catchment - Eastern side. Ex APP plantation. Note severe slopes after cable logging of pine plantation. These slopes should be retired from timber production and replanted with indigenous species. Note scale of logging road in left hand side of photo. This site visible from Traralgon-Balook Road.

hancock02b: March 2002. This emaciated Strzelecki Koala died soon after this photo was taken. Removal of habitat is forcing koalas closer to towns where they are attacked by dogs or hit by cars.

hancock02c: March 2002: Manna Gum 'APP- plantation' in Jeeralangs (Strzelecki northern slopes). Prime koala habitat. Photo taken in 1998.

hancockd: March 2002: Mt.Robertson plantation (LEGL93-69?) - King Parrot creek plantation used as a garbage dump by locals.

hancocke: March 2002: Mathieson Creek - appalling creek crossing allowing sediment probably to enter King Parrot Creek downstream (LEGL93-69?)

hancockf: March 2002: Mt Robertson plantation near King Lake. Smashed culvert allowing sediment loads to enter Mathiesson Creek. Damage probably wrought by trail bike riders.

hancockg: March 2002: LEGL 93-89: Remedial work on dodgy roading in Albert River catchment in Strzelecki Ranges. Note total lack of effectiveness of silt traps which are washing away.

hancockh: March 2002: LEGL 93-89: Remedial road work has worsened sediment loads entering Albert River tributary in southern Strzelecki Ranges.

hancocki: March 2002: Clearing of ex APP manna gum plantation in Jeeralangs. Prime koala habitat removed here.

hancockj: February 2002: Destruction of regenerating buffer zones in Otway Ranges - Webster Hill plantation. At least 15-20 m of buffer bulldozed and destroyed at this site - thereby increasing plantation boundaries through gutting of natural vegetation.

hancockl: February 2002: Destruction of regenerating/remnant? vegetation inside Otway Ranges plantation at Webster Hill - LEGL93-48. According to Wendy Briggs Environmental Co-ordinator for Colac Otway Shire in a letter sent to Friends of the Earth - dated 23/3/02; "The response to my enquiries has indicated that the trees within the pine plantations were removed as a result of safety concerns during operations. Where the vegetation is deemed to pose an immediate risk, no planning permit is required. Hancock have applied for the appropriate permits for native vegetation removal in other instances".

hancockm: February 2002: More native vegetation buffers destroyed in Webster Hill plantation - Lardners Creek catchment - Otway Ranges - LEGL93-48.

hancockn: February 2002: More regenerating native vegetation removed in Webster Hill plantation.

hancocko: February 2002: More regenerating native vegetation removed in Webster Hill plantation - Otway Ranges

hancockp: February 2002: Native vegetation destroyed Otway Ranges. Webster Hill plantation health and safety risk?

hancockq: February 2002: Minimal Buffer zone Lardner Creek tributary - Webster Hill plantation. Buffer should extend at least 10 metres further on each side of creek.

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