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September Update Part 2


93-48: July 2001 - Otway Ranges. Appalling logging operation in a tributary of Asplin Creek-Gellibrand River. Note destruction of non-plantation species, with trees chopped and bulldozed into gully, flattening vegetation, including old tree ferns. This plantation provides drinking water for over 50,000 people in the states south west!

93-48c: July 2001 - Otway Ranges. Inappropriate roading inside a domestic water supply catchment. Note amount of soil bulldozed straight into tributary of Asplin Creek. The Gellibrand River is the best Blackfish stream on mainland Australia. Blackfish and sediment do not agree with each other!

93-48d: July 2001 - Otway Ranges. Another tributary of Asplin Creek (Warrnambool's water supply) with sediment obviously entering waterway. What will happen to this sediment during a heavy rainfall event? This is totally inappropriate logging practice in a domestic water catchment.

93-42j: July 2001 - Otway Ranges. Robertsons Crawfords Track near the headwaters of Clearwater Creek. Poor roading. Imagine what this road will be like after logging!

93-43a: July 2001 - Otway Ranges. Appalling creek crossing, with non plantation species cut into gully line. This shot taken off Robbins Road. The creek crossing is through a tributary of Pulpit Creek which flows into the Aire River. No culverts or drains. Site was like a bombsite!

93-63b: June 2001- Strathbogie Ranges. Tributary of Warrenbayne Creek. Gully erosion occurring with absolutely no riparian vegetation to protect and 'hold' the soil. Gully eroding away with trees cut straight into gully.

93-63f: June 2001- Strathbogie Ranges. Totally trashed gully following pine logging, with no riparian vegetation. It couldn't get much worse could it? Note unearthed boulder. How do you fix this?

93-67c: July 2001 Near Buxton (Central Highlands) - Recent pine establishment and gutting of natural drainage line.

93-67m: July 2001 - Near Buxton (Central Highlands). Mill Creek tributary/wetlands with very little riparian protection. What is the impact of herbicides on wetland ecosystems?

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