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South West Victoria Maps

New Sep 07: Plantations and Groundwater Here

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Tree plantations south west Victoria. Victoria. Hancock pine in dark brown. Other pine in light brown and light red. Bluegum plantations (planted post 1996) in yellow.

September 2006: Tree plantations in south west. Highlighted catchments in this image, Crawford River and Lake Condah. Crawford River heavily planted out in 1999/2000. Peak streamflow reductions expected 2009/2010.

December 2006: Rough Guide to Hancock's plantations in the South West. Each of the plantations can be viewed by clicking onto these links; 1 Emerson, 2 Lyons, 3 Mount Richmond, 4 Kangaroo Park, 5 Porters/Slaters, 6 Malseeds, 7 Weerona & Simpkin, 8 Brisbane, 9 Smokey Valley, 10 Kentbruck, 11 Kentbruck, 12 Kentbruck, 13 Bahgallah, 14 Rennick, 15 Rennick, 16 Rennick, 17 Rennick, 18 Rennick, 19 Rennick, 20 Rennick, 21 Lane, 22 Reed, 23 Mocamboro. The Blue on screen represents water supply catchment for Merino.

Plantations in proximity to small communities in the south west. Plantation management will probably be of lesser concern for communities based in the larger communities, Hamilton, Casterton, Coleraine, Wannon, Heywood, Nelson, Merino as there are no plantations in close proximity to these towns. This may not be the case of Myamyn, Condah, Hotspur, Bessibelle & Digby who may also rely on tank water or water pumped from local streams.

September 2006: Proliferation of tree plantations in the Glenelg River Catchment. Most located in the lower portion of the catchment, although hardwood increasingly being planted in mid to upper regions.

September 2006: Tree plantations in the Wannon River Catchment.

September 2006: Tree plantations in the Wando creek and Chetwynd River Catchments. Headwaters being targeted.

Possible recharge areas (in blue) for the Dilwyn aquifer which supplies towns such as Portland with drinking water. Most of the recharge area appears to be located just north of the Crawford River, however recharge also occurs in areas near the Glenelg River, Miakite Creek and other tribs of the Wannon River. There is a small portion of the recharge areas under plantation.