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Jack River Rainforest area in the late 1990's

Jack River rainforest is bounded by the Grand Ridge Road and Hour Track to the north, Jack Road to the east and south and the Yarram/Madalya Road to the west.

There has been a lot less plantation activity on the tributary flowing south/west from Hour Track than the tributary west of Cockrem Track. The rainforest within the tributary south of Hour Track is a great deal wider and more dense than that on the western tributary. In a number of places the rainforest extends up spurs for more than 100 metres. This tributary is also an extremely rich site for slender and skirted tree ferns. However, tracks and plantation activities into the headwaters from Hour Track and Jack Track have resulted in erosion and blocked water flow on the eastern side of the headwaters.

Most of the area surrounding the rainforest in this eastern tributary is native vegetation consisting of Wet Scherophyll forest containing large numbers of mature mountain ash and Blackwood forest. There are some areas of Messmate forest on the eastern side of the tributary, adjacent to Jack Track. In the northwest corner there has been some attempt to establish mountain ash plantation, mainly from Cockrem Track, but most of this is failed plantation and has reverted to native vegetation.

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