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MFC Global Investment Management is the institutional investment management arm of Manulife Financial. MFC Global Investment doubled its size in April 2004 through the merger of Manulife Financial and John Hancock Financial Services. MFC Global Investment Management has US$170 billion in assets.

Subsidiaries of MFC Global Investment Management include;

U.S.: Independence Investment, Declaration Management & Research, Hancock Timber Resource Group, Hancock Agricultural Investment Group, Guaranteed & Structured Financial Products, Real Estate Investment Group, John Hancock Affordable Housing, John Hancock Real Estate Finance, Hancock Mezzanine Advisors, Bond & Corporate Finance Group.

Canada: MFC Global Investment Management, NAL Resources, Manulife Capital, Manulife Real Estate.

Hong Kong: MFC Global Investment Management (Hong Kong).

UK: MFC Global Investment Management (Europe).

Japan: MFC Global Investment Management (Japan).

Australia: Hancock Timber Resource Group, Hancock Agricultural Investment Group.

Past Information

For more information containing controversial John Hancock investments including; the OCP Pipeline in Ecuador, the Oil industry in Venezuela (Argentina and Brazil), Brown Coal in China, a Gas fired Power Plant in Arizona & Coal Bed Methane in Southern Colorado, please click onto this link!

Direct Subsidaries of John Hancock Financial Services Inc operating in the United States include;

John Hancock Life Insurance Company, MA, John Hancock Life Insurance Company of Vermont, VT, John Hancock International Holdings, Inc, MA

Indirect Subsidaries of John Hancock Financial Services Inc operating in the United States include;

John Hancock Receivables, Inc, MA, John Hancock Subsidiaries, LLC, DE, The Berkeley Financial Group, LLC, DE & Subsidaries, John Hancock Advisers, LLC, DE, NM Capital Management Corporation, D, Sovereign Asset Management Corporation, DE, Essex Corporation and Subsidiaries, First Signature Bank and Trust Company, NH, Hancock Mezzanine Investments, LLC, DE, Hancock Natural Resources Group, Inc, DE, Hancock Realty Investors Inc, DE, Independent Investment, LLC, DE, John Hancock Networking Insurance Agency, Inc, MA, John Hancock Assignment Company, DE, John Hancock Capital Corporation, DE, John Hancock Energy Resources Management Inc., DE, John Hancock Health Plans Inc, MA, John Hancock Leasing Corporation, DE, John Hancock Real Estate Finance, Inc., DE, John Hancock Realty Services Group, DE, John Hancock Signature Services Inc, De, Signator Financial Network Inc., MA, LR Company, LLC, DE, Signature Funding Company LLC, DE, Woodley Road Associated, Inc De, John Hancock Variable Life Insurance Company MA,

Hancock Natural Resource Group in the United States

Hancock currently manage forest areas in three regions of the United States.

South East

1,381,000 acres: In the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas.

North West Region (including British Columbia):

456,000 acres: In the states of Washington, Oregon, California.

North East Region

633,000 acres: In the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, NewYork.

Hancock Watch is currently networking with groups in these regions and will update this site as new information comes to hand.

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