Hancock Watch Home


Great group of people based in Melbourne. Very supportive of the Strzelecki campaign.

Australian Paper Watch

Information about PaperlinX (2005-2010)- the makers of Reflex Copy paper. Hancock are closely entwined with Paperlinx through Hancock's purchase of the assets of Australian Paper Plantations.

FSC Watch Independent monitoring of FSC certified companies such as Hancock

Forest Network

Friends of the Earth Forest Network's old website. Melbourne based collective working on local forest issues between 1992-2002.


Site associated with Dr Tyrone Hayes and his groundbreaking research about Atrazine.


Website of Friends of the Earth International who have been supportive of initiatives to protect the Strzelecki Koala (Koobara).


Southern Californian Wildlife Waystation


Excellent information about pesticides

This group was very active in getting the Koala listed on the US Endangered Species Act.

Very comprehensive site, with very detailed information about Amcor. The other multi-national stripping the Strzelecki's.


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