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Albert River

Albert River rainforest is bounded by the Grand Ridge Road to the north, the Yarram/Madalya Road to the east and Ward Road to the south.

There is very little rainforest left on the Albert River. The best section of rainforest is on the section flowing south from the Grand Ridge Road parallel with the Yarram Madalya Road. Only scattered myrtle beech and tiny sections of rainforest remain on that section flowing south/east from Albert River Road.

Logging operations were carried out in sections between the rainforest and the Yarram Madalya Road in late 1998 and early 1999. No buffer was left between the rainforest and the logging track and debris was pushed into the rainforest gully.

Further logging operations are planned for this area in the near future. It is recommended that when these operations are conducted, a suitable buffer is left between clearing and tracks and the rainforest. Myrtle wilt was already apparent within this rainforest.

There are also sections of messmate forest and other native vegetation between the rainforest and the Yarram Madalya Road that need to be conserved.

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