Region: Strzeleckis

Legal Number: LEGL/93-113/1

Plantation: Wonwron

Conservation Priority: Low

Located in Yarram Water Supply Protection Area - Groundwater

Area also contains approximately 50ha of native forest.

Strzelecki Ranges Maps Here

Herbicides Used by Grand Ridge Plantations - Strzelecki Ranges and Gippsland Victoria

Herbicide Label Rate max as kg/ha Used to control Euc/Rad Notes Application
Clopyralid 2.55 Woody Weeds Radiata and Eucalypts Highly Toxic/Potential Ground water Contaminant aerial or ground
Glufosinate Ammonium 1 Woody Weeds Radiata   aerial or ground
Glyphosate 3.6 Herbaceous and woody weeds, noxious weeds Radiata, Eucalpts and Custodial    
Haloxyfop-methyl 0.13 Annual and Pernneial Grasses Eucalypts Carcinogen aerial or ground
Hexazinone 4 Woody Weeds Radiata Ground Water Contaminant Aerial, ground, spot
Metsulfuron-Methyl 0.06 Woody Weeds, Noxious Weeds Radiata, Eucalyptus and Custodial Potential Ground Water Contaminant Aerial, ground or spot
Sulfometuron Methyl 0.6 Annual and Perennial Grasses and broadleaf weeds Eucalyptus Potential Ground Water Contaminant Aerial or Ground


Responsible Authority: Wellington Shire Council

Hancock Watch Site Visit September 01: Pine and hardwood plantation located about 5km east of the town of Alberton. This plantation is grown with treated wastewater. It appears to have some teatree inside its boundaries. The plantation is located on flat land is and considered to be a low conservation priority.

Plantation Catchment: Flat country - Cleared farm land?

Catchment Managment Authority: West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority.