Strzelecki Ranges Cores & Linkages Map (plus more)

Strzelecki and Central Gippsland Planting record here


Map based on G.I.S. work by Friends of the Earth Melbourne (September 2004). Rainforest locations based mostly on mapping done by Elaina Fraser and Susie Zent (Friends of Gippsland Bush 1996-2002).Cores & Linkages study undertaken by Biosis Research in 2001 and endorsed by the Strzelecki Forest Community Group.

Strzelecki Cores and Links Reserve. Cool Temperate Rainforest marked in Red. Wet Forest Buffers are required to protect rainforest from disturbances, including tree fall, disease, changes in moisture gradients, weeds, light etc.

What Hancock intend to do to the Cores and Links Reserve. White shading is approximate locations of Mt Ash.

Hancock Native Forest (Custodial land) marked in light green. Purple represents exisiting parks, red represents cool temperate rainforest, black represents Eucalyptus Regnans which Hancock plan to log. Note its proximity to the rainforest.

Strzelecki Land Tenure: Purple is land that was originally vested to Victorian Plantations Corporation for 99 years in 1998. Gold is private land purchased from Australian Paper Plantations in 2001 and orange is land leased by Hancock under the 1961 and 1966 Wood Pulp Agreements.

As can be determined by this map, the Cores & Linkages Proposal will protect the most of the cool temperate and high conservation value attributes of the Franklin River, Agnes River, Dingo Creek, Albert River, College Creek, Jack River, South Middle Creek and Merrimans Creek. Cool Temperate Rainforest of Regional Significance still remains outside of the Proposal, most notably on Morwell River East Branch, Morwell River West Branch, Jack River, Jeeralang Creek East Branch and Tarra River*. It is essential that adequate cool temperate rainforest buffers are implemented by Hancock at these locations. (*please note that Tarra River rainforest is not shown on this map).

The Cores and Links proposal will also link existing reserves at Gunyah Gunyah to Tarra Bulga National Park.

The Cores and Links proposal will also guarantee safe drinking water for communities relying on the Agnes River for drinking water (Agnes, Bennison, Hedley, Port Franklin, Port Welshpool, Toora & Welshpool) however concerns still remain for the Tarra River and Merrimans Creek domestic water supply catchments (Alberton, Port Albert, Seaspray, & Yarram) which still have plantations located in them and will most likely to sprayed with herbicides by Hancock.

Domestic Water Supply catchments for the Strzelecki Ranges (light blue). Radiata pine plantations in Orange, hardwood 'plantations' marked in yellow. Herbicides used in pine include; Clopyralid @2.55 kg/ha, Glufosinate Ammonium @ 1kg/ha, Glyphosate @ 3.6kg/ha, Heaxazinone @4kg/ha, Metsulfuron Methyl @0.06kg/ha. Herbicides used in hardwood plantations include; Clopyralid @2.55kg/ha, Glyphosate @3.6kg/ha, Haloxyfop-Methyl @0.13kg/ha, Metsulforon Methyl @0.06kg/ha and Sulfometuron Methyl @0.6kg/ha. Insecticides in hardwoods may also include; Alpha-Cypermethrin, Fipronil and Dimethoate.


Strzelecki Reserves prior to the Cores and Links Agreement.

Strzelecki Cores and Links prior to October 13 'Heads of Agreement'. Red includes Cool Temperate Rainforest and wet forest buffers.