Region: Strzeleckis

Legal Number: LEGL/93-109

Plantation: Wonwron

Conservation Priority: Low

Responsible Authority: Wellington Shire Council

Plantation of approximately 150 hectares in size, with showing planting dates. 22ha planted in 1976 probably with use of 2,4,5-T herbicide (24.2 L 2,4,5-T total with 1100 L diesel). 130ha planted between 1977-79 probably with use of Atrazine/Amitrole. Possible totals 520L Atrazine/910 L Amitrole.

Plantation Catchment: 2 creeks into Bruthen Creek/Shallow Inlet

Located in Yarram Water Supply Protection Area - Groundwater

Catchment Managment Authority: West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority

Strzelecki Ranges Maps Here

Herbicides Used by Grand Ridge Plantations - Strzelecki Ranges and Gippsland Victoria

Herbicide Label Rate max as kg/ha Used to control Euc/Rad Notes Application
Clopyralid 2.55 Woody Weeds Radiata and Eucalypts Highly Toxic/Potential Ground water Contaminant aerial or ground
Glufosinate Ammonium 1 Woody Weeds Radiata   aerial or ground
Glyphosate 3.6 Herbaceous and woody weeds, noxious weeds Radiata, Eucalpts and Custodial    
Haloxyfop-methyl 0.13 Annual and Pernneial Grasses Eucalypts Carcinogen aerial or ground
Hexazinone 4 Woody Weeds Radiata Ground Water Contaminant Aerial, ground, spot
Metsulfuron-Methyl 0.06 Woody Weeds, Noxious Weeds Radiata, Eucalyptus and Custodial Potential Ground Water Contaminant Aerial, ground or spot
Sulfometuron Methyl 0.6 Annual and Perennial Grasses and broadleaf weeds Eucalyptus Potential Ground Water Contaminant Aerial or Ground


Hancock Watch Site Visit September 01: Plantation lies within Mullungdung Site of Botanical Significance in Central Gippsland. This pine plantation lies a few kilometres west of Carrajung Woodside Road. The plantation is located on almost flat land south of Bruthen Creek. The trees appear to have been established in the years 1976-79. This plantation would be of low priority. Virtually now native vegetation was seen inside this plantation although the vegetation surrounding is of high importance. A Lace Monitor was observed outside the plantation boundary.

Bruthen Creek, Carrajung South - Above Reedy Creek: A fast flowing water with good pools, gravel bed. Access restricted by private property and difficult terrain. Contains predominately brown trout and some rainbow trout, both species averaging 200g, some fish to 450g and eels.

Bruthen Creek - Below Reedy Creek: Very shallow, mud and sand bottom. Very few fish taken and not recommended an an angling water.

Source: A Guide to the Inland Angling Waters of Victoria by BR Tunbridge, PL Rogan, CA Barnham. Department Conservation and Environment. Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research, 123 Brown St, Heidelberg, 3084. (4th ed - 1991).