Tarra River Rainforest

Most rainforest in the Tarra River Catchment, lies within the Tarra Bulga National Park. However a small portion of rainforest lies within Hancock boundaries. In June 2004, the Victorian State Government extended the Tarra Bulga National Park by about 300 hectares. The area managed by Hancock, is 1961 Crown Leasehold and was not included in the new National Park boundaries.

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A newly found rainforest area, found by Hancock staff, lies about 2 kilometres south of the town of Balook, just west of the Bulga Park Road - Parish of Bulga Allotment 13B. This rainforest lies on a tributary of the Tarra River and extends for a kilometre or so. It is of very high quality and is surrounded to the north and south by Hancock 'plantations'. A 300 metre waterfall lies off one of this trib.

Hancock is apparently only leaving 40 metre buffers on this very important stand. Hancock Watch have yet to measure buffers retained at this site by the company. We believe that 40 metres is unsatisfactory and will not protect the rainforest against the disease Myrtle Wilt. Lessened buffers will also increase risk of wildfire destroying the stand.



Images of Tarra River rainforest - outside of Tarra Bulga National Park on land leased from the Crown.